I'm a writer, you're a reader. That's a good start!

  • Conventional wisdom tells me that there should be a picture of the author on the landing page. I'm not certain how valid it is to know what a writer looks like; after all, it's the imagination we're after, right?

    On the other hand, most of us do judge the book by its cover - either literally or figuratively - and in many cases that could indeed be valid.

    At the end of each sample on the "BOOKSHELF" is a link to the various selling outlets, plus a PayPal link where you can buy direct from myself. The latter is the cheapest for all of us.
    May I ask?

    An on-going problem for web designers is that the world can now get online using just about anything that has a battery.

    So, if you are viewing this site on...(I don't know; a Mongolian egg-timer, maybe, or something equally as unlikely)...and it doesn't look quite right, perhaps you would let me know about it?

    The book world is currently experiencing what could be a transition period - from hands-on, hard-copy to electronic. What this might mean to the price of kippers on a cold Sunday morning is beyond me. Also beyond me is how much of a transition there is likely to be. But I think we all - readers, publishers and writers - have to embrace the possibilities of the change, or go under. Only time will tell, of course. This site is my own contribution to the situation.

    Don't have a Kindle reader?

    No worries, hit the link to install the free app.

    Here's a thing...

      Most of my books can be downloaded for a Kindle viewer.

      Some people don't like to read books that way.

      Up front, I didn't either. But I do now. Like many other things in life; you have to give it a chance to grow on you.

      They're also available as actual books : hard- or soft-cover.