I'm a writer, you're a reader. That's a good start!
It would be even better if you liked to read action/adventure novels, because those are the kind I write.
Clicking the cover pictures will take you to the first few chapters of the books. Or you could use the "Bookshelf" link in the menu above.

A thought


    Conventional wisdom tells me that there should be such a picture on the landing page.

    I'm not certain how valid it is to know what a writer looks like; after all, it's the imagination we're after, right?

    On the other hand, most of us do judge the book by its cover - either literally or figuratively - and in many cases that could indeed be valid.

    On that subject...

    Except for the character on the cover of "A Warrior's Code", which came from my publishers when it was first published in hardback, I now design and execute my own book covers, so if they do not convey the flavour of the writing, then that is my own fault. And I would much rather blame myself than have to blame someone else.

Random Infomation

After a lot of research and homework I think I have cracked the now-universal "www" problem of making a website viewable on a mobile phone as well as a PC. The on-going problem, however, is that the world can now get online using just about anything.

So, if you are viewing this site on - I don't know, a Mongolian egg-timer, maybe? - and something doesn't look right, perhaps you would let me know about it?

Weather? Forget the weather; read a book. With a good book the weather can do what it likes! A good book translates into time well spent. Movies don't match up to a good book. Books take you around the world without maps. Books should not make you reach for a dictionary. If you have a good book the weather is fine where you are. Maps show you where it is; books take you there in any weather. Movies will do that, too, but not so well as a good book. Hotels do not supply books for free; so take a book with you.
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